Monday, April 4, 2011

"little buddha belly"

"little buddha belly" is what I am called at the Elzinga-Jamieson home. Some of my other nicknames are "little Gargoyle"( as I like to sit on my parent's feet when they're sitting on a sofa) , "the little man", "little dude", yes everything "little".... I guess you could say I am quite the pip-squeak...but I have a very high energetic personality, I think I'm as BIG as everyone else. Never letting anyone else push me around, can get very demanding (so demanding I will squeal like a pig). 

I have a big heart, lots of love... and not to mention am verryyyy lovable, I love to lick your face and play with my toys... I'm recently teething so I may get quite feisty with you, I asure you I am merely playing. =)